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Additional Services
We have all the extras...

  • Safe Deposit Boxes

    Looking for an affordable and safe location to store your important documents or valuables? Secure your valuables in a safe deposit box. Contact the bank for size availability and pricing. FDIC does not insure contents of Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Direct Deposit

    Automatic deposit of payroll, social security and supplemental income into your checking or savings account. Visit a customer service representative for assistance.

  • Telephone Banking

    Don’t like computers or smart phones? Get banking information the old-fashioned way 24-7 via Telephone Banking 1-888-271-5811 or call one of our friendly bankers during banking hours.

  • Credit Cards

    ACS Bank has partnered with our friends at TIB to offer our consumer and commercial customers convenient and flexible credit card options. For more information and for applications, please contact an ACS Bank customer service representative.


    CDARS offers multi-million dollar FDIC insurance on CD investments. CDARS is the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service. And it’s the easiest way to enjoy access to FDIC insurance on large deposits. Everything is handled by ACS Bank! Contact an ACS Bank customer service representative for more information.